Fairfax & Favor: The Windsor Bag

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There’s nothing like realising space in your closet for a new handbag. In keeping with the rest of my wardrobe, I believe in (and substantiate) the principle that bags should come in every shade of neutral and where possible, authentic materials. This way you’re at least guaranteed both effortless style and peace of mind that said bag will last a lifetime when spending that bit more on it. This being said, other than my petite Biba satchel I’m currently without the equivalent suede model in a bigger size, and since autumn is fast approaching, this vacancy requires filling. Lucky for me, my summers are punctuated by the prestigious events in the British Eventing calendar, which, far from being simply sporting affairs, translate into trade stand shopping aplenty. A new face, or rather brand in these retail avenues of joy, is Fairfax & Favor: a British footwear label making waves on the county scene. As luxury heritage brands go, this one sits comfortably alongside many a more well-known name like Crew or tweed maverick Holland Cooper, for combining the best in quality and style through design and careful selection of materials and manufacturers.

As Fairfax & Favor have only just reached their two-year anniversary, they’re well known at for the moment amongst a predominantly sloane-y crowd who divide their time between London and the Cotswolds. However, this could all change through a move into more mainstream channels with their offering of irresistible handbags and accessories, which any fashion subscriber would court.

The Windsor

  The Windsor

Without further ado, here’re the stats: Launched in 2013 by CEOs Marcus and Felix, it’s a brand with the zeal of youth at its heart, something which is reflected in their impressive social media following, creeping up to the collective 40,000 mark. Started with the initiative to ‘shake things up’ in the luxury footwear market, Fairfax & Favor pride themselves on offering a style where classic meets contemporary in each of their designs – if sales and sightings of their ReginasChelseas, Drivers etc. are anything to go by, their instincts were completely sound. However, these are no ordinary cordwainers, and clearly not those to let a space in the market pass, have extended this philosophy into the equally competitive handbag and accessory department.

Windsor Bag 3

The Windsor bag marks the inaugural offering from Fairfax & Favor, and she’s a beauty. The interchangeable tassels mean you can personalise/stylise the bag in accordance with the rest of an outfit, no matter the colour of your shoes. With leather like butter and beautifully smooth suede, you’d be forgiven for wanting to rub it on your cheek; no, really. You can feel the luxury of the superior hides and brass embellishments that make this bag a 10. Whilst it may take inspiration from classical bag shapes such as the Mulberry Bayswater or the DKNY Saffiano satchel, these aren’t made in suede, and are somewhat marred by the inclusion of leather with an inexplicably clawed appearance, like Wolverine’s scratch post, or ‘textured’ as they’re now calling it.

Windsor Bag 4Sticking to tradition then, the Windsor bag is a thing of modest beauty. It’s classical and sophisticated, just how I like it.

To the right is an up-close shot of the snakeskin tassel which is a great neutral to offset against the rich black suede. The mix of materials is both thoughtful and stylish as they compliment one another in look and feel.

The metal accents complete with brass stud feet and buckle loops on the front and back are a nice conclusion to the style up the ante quality-wise.






The inside of the Windsor, complete with adjustable compartments and vanity pouches for lipsticks and smartphones – First World requirements, obvs.

Windsor Bag 7

The back view.

Windsor Bag 6

The tassel fastening up close.

Windsor Bag 2

And three other colourways to satiate your appetite for variety (and seasons!)

The Windsor in Tan, Royal Blue, Pink

The Windsor in Tan, Royal Blue & Pink  

The Windsor comes in at £345 and is firmly penciled in on my lust-y shopping list. I also have a strong feeling it will become the darling of my wardrobe for autumn/winter which has long been my favourite time of the year for fashion, anyway. And, *you heard it here first*, I’ve obtained exclusive info that women’s over-the-knee boots are next in the F&F pipeline. Oh my. Thigh-high boots with this bag? It’s all to much. I need a lie down. Fairfax & Favor, making a country/city girl’s style dreams come true.


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