Welcome to The Beauty Laureate

In respects, that moniker describes me in a nutshell. At birth, I was named Hannah, and I’ve long had a love affair with fashion and beauty, no less books and writing, which led me to university to study Literature in 2011. After graduating with a First last spring, I thought I’d better put it to some good use. A labour of love, in-depth research, and a litany of how-to tech tutorials have brought this blog to fruition, so you can expect chronicles of the great and the good in cosmetics, skincare, fashion and accessories.

The Beauty Laureate is tailored into three pages:

Closetary, where I will wax lyrical about fashion and accessories, providing red carpet commentary (like I’m Vice president of the Fashion Police) with write ups of my favourite looks.

Cosmeticary, for beauty product reviews and comparisons.

The Dream Directory, where I profile all the things I want into a dreamy shopping list. I swear, money’s meant to talk, but all mine manages is “goodbye”.

Hannah Cook ~ The Beauty Laureate